FLUTEC | Chil-Pak

At a Glance

Electronics Manufacturing Facilities

Efficient HVAC clean room design + build of high tech electronic manufacturing

Food Industry Facilities

Steam and HVAC systems for the food Industry.

Medical Products Manufacturing Facilities

Particle, temperature and humidity controlled enviroments.] for medical product manufacturing

Turbine Inlet Cooling

Chil-Pak PCP for combustion air cooling systems (TIC)

Automobile Manufacturing Facilities

Flutec provides HVAC + Proces Water, Compressed air and other systems to Automovile parts manufacturign facilities

Hotels and Resorts

High efficiency Pacakged Central Plants for remote facilities

Supermarket & Retail Facilities

Efficient humidity controled supermaket space.

Adiabatic Humidification



CHP or CCHP Systems with Chil-Pak using Absortion Chillers.

Data Centers

Chil-Pak systems for Critical Loads

Stadium & Recreation Facilities

Chil-Pak central plants for recreation facilities

Steam Systems

Steam generation for manufacturing porcess. Case studies:

Schools & Universities

High efficiency Chil-Pak central plants for educational facilities.

Packaged Central Plants (Chil-Pak)

Fully Integrated Packaged Chilled Water and/or Hot Water Central Plants.

Building Automation and Optimization Systems

Flutec provides an integrated solution of Energy Management Systems with every project it delivers.