FLUTEC | Chil-Pak

Packaged Central Plants

The Chil-Pak Solution

Since 2001, we have provided commercial/industrial building owners, engineers, and contractors with high-quality, energy-efficient, packaged central plant cooling and heating systems under the brand name Chil-Pak.

The concept is simple. We bring all the variables associated with the engineering and construction of a typical central plant into an energy and space efficient cabinet where all electrical, pumps, piping, controls, cooling tower, and chillers can be assembled and manufactured in a controlled environment. This integrated packaging concept provides maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost to the building owner.

Think "inside the box"

Our Chil-Pak units reduce engineering design time as well as the high cost of field labor for mechanical room construction. Modularized plants have a significantly smaller footprint than field constructed plants thereby eliminating the owner’s initial investment of expensive mechanical room building. Overall these advantages lead to a reduced CAPEX on your next building project.

Packaged central plants have the ability to use efficient, water cooled screw, centrifugal, and oil free chiller systems for a variety of applications. Multiple packaged units can also be connected in parallel for even larger applications up to 6,000+ tons.