FLUTEC | Chil-Pak

Design + Build

All in one HVAC company

Flutec has the capability to design and build HVAC mechanical systems, products and components according to the needs and specifications of its clients all under a single point of responsibility.

We build and manufacture sheet metal products, air handling units, packaged central plants and pump packaged systems as well as design HVAC systems best suited for industrial and commercial buildings.

Energy Efficient Systems

By utilizing the latest proven technology available in the market we provide innovative systems and products that are energy efficient and maintenance-friendly with design optimization and low operating costs.

Innovative Design

Our latest and most novel innovation in Flutec's line of products is our fully integrated packaged central plant under the brand name Chil-Pak. The Chil-Pak units indeed represent the pinnacle of Flutec's ingenuity in engineering design, which accumulates years of experience in the business of central plant design + build.

Please visit our Chil-Pak web site for information.